PSI School is gaining increasing popularity in the Doha community. The number of new applicants can only be considered in accordance with the number of available seats in each Year group, so that we do not compromise on the quality of the education we deliver to our students. Priority is also given to those applicants with siblings in the school. For this reason, we urge interested parents to complete and submit their child’s application at the earliest time possible.


Kindly note that the following documents should be uploaded together with the application form or sent to the Admission Office via :

• Two recent passport size photographs.
• A copy of the child’s previous school report (for students transferring from outside
Qatar, Latest School report must be attested in compliance with MOEHE requirements).
• A copy of the child’s passport
• A copy of the child’s ID (when available).
• Birth Certificate
• A copy of the child Health Card from Preschool to Year 1.
• Childhood Immunization records from Preschool to year 2.
• A copy of the ID card of the sponsor.
• A copy of any assessments relating to Additional Educational Support Needs
(e.g.Educational Psychologist reports, Speech and language Therapy), if applicable.
• A letter of employment from the child’s sponsor workplace.
• A transfer/Leaving Certificate for student transferring school inside Qatar.
• Reference Letter from the current school.

Please note that:
Without the above listed documents, the admission process for your child
will not be complete


PSI School aims to keep parents and students informed and connected through a variety of communication tools.

  • Teachers use a Class Dojo system which records student merit points. Parents can access this and communicate with the class teacher using the Class Dojo portal from their personal electronic devices or via the student homework diary.
  • School-based email addresses are assigned to families for ease of emailing school forms and updates. Each week, a school-wide newsletter is also emailed to all parents.
  • Every alternative month, parents can attend Coffee with the Head Teacher, where they have an opportunity to voice concerns, opinions and ideas. It also provides a social platform to mingle with other school parents.
  • The Head Teacher and Head of Primary operate an open-door policy and try to accommodate parents coming to school without an appointment as best possible.  A preset appointment arranged at the Reception Desk can ensure a more prompt meeting.
  • Each term, a formal Parent-Teacher Consultation (PTC) day is scheduled to discuss each student’s progress and academic goals.  At the discretion of the teacher, a separate appointment can be arranged to discuss urgent issues that may arise throughout the academic year.
  • The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) offers another avenue through which parents can voice their concerns, discuss issues and contribute to the PSI community.
  • In urgent cases of school-wide alerts, our emergency communications protocol dictates that parents will be contacted by text message. For student-specific emergency situations, parents will be contacted by phone. For this purpose, parents are requested to immediately inform the school when there are any changes in contact information.

There are various methods which are used.

  • In emergency situations parents are telephoned or if a whole school situation arises then a text message is sent out to all. E-mail messages are also used so please ensure that e-mail addresses and contact phone numbers are up to date and we are informed of any changes.
  • Each week there is a newsletter sent out in electronic format to all parents.
    Teachers use a “Class Dojo” system which records students merit points.
  • Parents have access to this and are able to communicate with the class teacher using this home work diary.
  • Each month there is the opportunity to have coffee with the Head of School and voice any concerns issues you may have. It can also be the opportunity for a social chat if you wish.
  • A parent Teachers Association has been established which offers another avenue through which issues can be raised.
  • The Head Teacher and Deputy Head as far possible operate an open door policy and will try to accommodate parents coming to the school without an appointment where possible but may not always be able to do so.
  • Each term there is a scheduled formal parent teacher consultation session where each student progress can be discussed. This does not include a parent arranging a special appointment to discuss a particular issue with a teacher.


Our school tours give parents and children the opportunity to visit the school premises and observe our students in their classroom environment, while also viewing the facilities and resources that PSI School has to offer. We offer school tours on a daily basis from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm on a walk-in basis.

For more information, you can contact the Reception Desk at:
Tel: +974 4032 2422, +974 7707 8282