1- Are you a new School in Doha?

Yes, we have opened successful in September 2014.


2- Are you a franchise?

No we are not a franchise, we aim to operate a quality educational institution, opposed to running a business.


3- What year groups do you host?

Currently we host from pre-School up to year 10, so from ages 3 to 15 years old, and we will begin our first year 11 in September 2017.


4- Which year groups will you host for the academic year 2017/ 2018?

Years 11 & 12 will follow the following year in September 2018.


5- What is the nationality of your teachers?

Our teachers are native speaking British & international teachers.

6- What curriculum do you use?

We use the IPC & the IMYC, it is internationally & British accredited curriculum. It was first implemented in 2002, it is used in over 92 countries, it is the most practical curriculum in the world, and it opens the door for any other curriculum in the future. Such as IGCSE, IB diploma.


7- Is this curriculum accepted by other curricula?

Yes, this is the most versatile curriculum in the world. It was developed by “Shell” Petroleum Company for their employees, as they travelled around the globe every 2- 3 years, allowing their children to fit virtually in any country they reside in.


8- What facilities do you offer?

We are based in a newly renovated purpose built school spread over 15 and a half thousand square meters, boasting great educational resources & excellent international learning environment. With a 4G Astro Turf football pitch, a semi Olympic swimming pool, 3 children’s playgrounds, ICT lab, Science lab, freshly cooked canteen food amongst other facilities.


9- Can I visit the School for a tour?

Yes, the School is open for a tour from 8:00am to 1:00pm Sun- Thu.

10- I would like to visit the school for a tour, would I be able to speak to a teacher on my visit?

You can speak to any of the teachers if they are not teaching, but none of the teachers can be disturbed during teaching time.

11- How do you operate the canteen?

We truly believe you are what you eat, so we promote healthy eating through our international menu, either through a pre-paid set menu subscription, vouchers or you can purchase directly on the day.

How does the waiting list work?

Once a year group closes, a waiting list will be started. Parents and students will be notified should an opening become available. PSI School does not accept any applications or do testing if places are unavailable.


What is the school plan in opening Secondary classes?

PSI School will open Year 11 in September 2017, followed by Year 12 for the academic year 2018-2019.


12- What are your fees?

Please click on “Admissions” button, then chose the academic year you are applying for to view the updated fees.


13- How do your fees compare with other schools?

Our fees are average in comparison to other Schools, yet we offer an exceptional value for the quality of education we provide. Our quality of education is one of the best already in Doha, we hire the best qualified teachers which comes at a greater cost.


14- What is insurance deposit?

Insurance is a refundable fee that is held by the Accounts office. It will be refunded when leaving the School without any outstanding Fees and/ or damages to any School property that are greater than the value of the Insurance deposit.

15- If I do not pay insurance deposit, what will happen?

You will not be issued a report card for your child(ren) if there are any overdue library books, damages to School property that needs to be paid or any outstanding fees.


16- Is there sibling discount?

Please consult the accounts office for further details.


17- Do you accept Qatar State Citizens’ coupons?

Currently we are not authorized to do so.


18- Did you apply for the coupon system from the SEC?

We had started the process but decided not to continue with it.


19- Can I pay by Card? Do you have ATM machine?

We only accept payment in Cash, bank transfer or cheque, the nearest ATM is 5mins walks at Al Meera, where three machines are available.


20-Why do not you accept credit cards?

Credit Card companies want to charge over 2% on every transaction, this is a huge cost that will impact the service we provide such as the School trips & Extra activities we fund.


21- Do you offer special educational support?

Yes, we are very proud of our inclusive support that we offer. Please visit us for more information.


22-Are your classes segregated?

We will not be able to do so for next year; we may do so in the future based on the demand.


23- What nationality are your Pupils?

We have been fortunate to have a perfect multicultural mix for an international School with over 51 different nationalities.


24- What is the maximum capacity of your classrooms?

Pupils is the maximum per classroom. It can reach 26 only if staff children have enrolled within the same class


25- How big are your classrooms?

They offer up to 4.5 m² per Pupil in Early Years, they decrease as you go up in year groups offering at least 2 m² per Pupil. We invite you to come and see it you for yourself, the School is open for a tour from 8:00am to 1:00pm Sun- Thu.


26- Do you offer a bus service?



27- What time would my son be picked up?

Once you register, we will confirm the time once a test run has been conducted.


28- My home is nearby, why does it take so long for the drop off?

Unfortunately, buses will always take longer than cars due to the size of the vehicle, there are also many starts and stops to pick up/ drop off other Pupils on the bus.

29- Why isn’t there a bus service for the ECA?

Buses wouldn’t have returned from their normal daily bus service.


30-  Why do you study French?

French is the second most widely learned foreign language after English, and the sixth most widely spoken language in the world, and also because Qatar is a member of the International Francophonie Organization since 2012.


31-  Do you teach Islamic studies in English?



32- Do you teach Arabic for non-native speakers?



33- Which Arabic curriculum are you following?

We follow the SEC Arabic curriculum and are fortunate to have a UK developed Arabic curricula to complement it.

34- Where are the Arabic teachers from?

We have a mix of Male and female Arabic teachers from Egypt, Lebanon and Sudan.

35- Do you offer Extra Curricula Activities?

We have a wide range of ECAs for Pupils to enjoy, learn and participate in a competitive friendly atmosphere. Our activities vary from Sports, Arts, Performing Arts, Robotics, Lego…….and loads more.

36- Why are ECA sessions only one hour long?

Given the length of the School day, after School activities longer than an hour would be even more tiring for Pupils. We also have to remember that they will probably have homework to complete.


37- Are there any Summer Camps?

Sorry we don’t have a summer camp this year.


38- Are there swimming instructors for all ages?

There are qualified swimming instructors for all age groups.


39- How many swimming lessons in a week do you teach?

Swimming lessons will be offered to pupils starting from Reception classes as part of the curriculum for one term per academic year. Each class has two PE lessons per week, of which one will be designated for swimming. We also offer an after School on-site swimming club club for a fee.


40- Is the swimming pool heated?



41- Is the water in your changing facilities heated?



42- What is PSI School educational plan for the IGCSE (years 10 and 11)?

We aim to teach our Pupils a total of 7 or 8 subjects. Mathematics, English and at least one science has to be included.

All exams will be conducted at the end of year 11.

There will be an options evening for PSI School Pupils in year 9. In March of every year, external Pupils after completing the entry assessment will receive a copy of the options booklet. If offered a place at PSI School, they will then be asked to submit their option choices.

43- Why don’t you split the exams over years 10 and 11?

The course is designed as a two-year course; trying to take the exam in year 10 means that insufficient material has been covered and the depth of knowledge is superficial.

Experience has shown that where exams have been taken early, results are often poor and the Pupil will usually have to retake the exam the following year to improve the grade.


44- When is the school planning to obtain the IGCSE accreditation?

We have initiated the process and on path of achieving such accreditation 2017


45- When will the registration for the next academic year start?

You can fill in an online application for next academic at any time. Registration will not begin until permitted by local authorities.


46- How do I contact Admissions?

You can call the admissions office on 44149838 from 07:00am till 02:30pm, or send an e-mail to      admission@PSISchool.com.qa


47-  What is the opening hours of Admission Office in Ramadan?

We are open from 7:30 am to 1:30 pm in Ramadan.


48-  I don’t have an RP/ Qatar ID!

We can start the registration process until your Qatar residency is finalized.


49- What is the cutoff age for enrolment?

September 30th


50- What is the minimum age required?

The minimum age to enroll into pre-School class is 3 years old, the Pupil has to reach the age of 3 before September 30th.

51- How do I work out which year my child will be admitted?

Age Birthdate between PSI SCHOOL Curriculum

(International Curriculum)

British curriculum (UK) American Curriculum (US)
From To
3 01 Oct 2012 30 Sep 2013 PreSchool* Nursery Prek-3
4 01 Oct 2011 30 Sep 2012 Reception* Reception Prek-4
5 01 Oct 2010 30 Sep 2011 Year 1* Year 1 Kindergarten
6 01 Oct 2009 30 Sep 2010 Year 2* Year 2 Grade 1
7 01 Oct 2008 30 Sep 2009 Year 3* Year 3 Grade 2
8 01 Oct 2007 30 Sep 2008 Year 4* Year 4 Grade 3
9 01 Oct 2006 30 Sep 2007 Year 5* Year 5 Grade 4
10 01 Oct 2005 30 Sep 2006 Year 6* Year 6 Grade 5
11 01 Oct 2004 30 Sep 2005 Year 7* Year 7 Grade 6
12 01 Oct 2003 30 Sep 2004 Year 8* Year 8 Grade 7
13 01 Oct 2002 30 Sep 2003 Year 9* Year 9 Grade 8
14 01 Oct 2001 30 Sep 2002 Year 10* Year 10 Grade 9

*Year allocation will be determined based on the age chart and the entrance assessment result.

52- What is your enrolment/ admission process?

  1. First you will need to fill in an online application form.
  2. Admissions will contact you to schedule an assessment (500 QR).
  3. Admissions office will contact you once the results have been finalized.
  4. If the applicant has passed the assessment, Admissions office will schedule an interview with the Head of School (HOS).
  5. Once the interview with HOS is conducted, PSI School will send an offer letter for successful applicants.

53- Do I have to complete an online application form?

Yes, you have to complete an online application, it is the 1st step in our process.

54- What will happen once I submit the online application form?

You should receive an automated reply sent to the email you have registered with. Once the admission office receives the online application, they will contact you to schedule an assessment.



55- How do I register an online application?

New applicants should submit a completed application form prior to carrying out the admission assessment. This can be done online or in person at the admissions office where our Admission Officer will be able to assist you. Alternatively, please follow the following steps at your earliest convenience:


  1. Go to our school website www.psisd.com.qa
  2. Click on the ‘Admissions’ tab
  3. Choose ‘Online Application’
  4. Wait for the form to load
  5. Please note:
  • First-time users: Click the ‘Create an account’ link below the login boxes.
  • Returning users: Enter your email address and the password you chose when you created your account, and then click the “Sign In” button.
  • If you forgot your password, click ‘Help: I forgot my password’
  1. Click ‘+Add an Applicant’ which is at the left side bar
  2. Enter the 1st child’s details and click ‘Save & Next’ button
  3. Enter all the mandatory details and click ‘Save & Next’ to go to next page
  4. Make sure you have entered all other known details and click the ‘Save & Next’ button
  5. You can always go back in previous pages using the top tabs.
  6. Make sure you have completed the full application form before clicking ‘Save & Next’ button to submit your application form.
  7. Once your application is successfully submitted, you should receive a confirmation email on the email address provided
  8. If you require adding more children, please repeat Steps 6 to 11


For more help, please do click on ‘Instructions’, which is located on the top right hand side of the page. Alternatively, you can contact the school MIS (Management Information System) for further help.


For more assistance, Kindly contact:

Hajira Hani/Tessy Jobin (MIS) Tel: 40322416

Rahmouna Benhadria (Admission Officer) Tel: 40322410









56-  Online application doesn’t work?

Please follow the following steps to enable Cookies:

For IE (Internet Explorer):

  1. Click ‘Settings’ from the top right of the browser window.       (gear-wheel icon)
  2. Select ‘Internet options’ from ‘Settings’
  3. Click ‘Privacy’ Tab
  4. Move Slider to ‘Low’ or ‘Accept all Cookies’
  5. Click on the ‘Apply’ Button
  6. Click ‘OK’ button


For Google Chrome:

  1. Click the Chrome menu icon .
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Near the bottom of the page, click ‘Show advanced settings’.
  4. In the Privacy’ section, click on ‘Content settings’.
  5. Select ‘Allow local data to be set (recommended)’.
  6. Click ‘Done’ Button.


57- How do I know if my child has been accepted?

Admissions office will contact you after each stage to notify of the outcome regardless of the result.


58- What are the required documents for enrolment?

The following documents should be uploaded together with the application form:

  1. Two passport size photographs
  2. A copy of the child’s School report for the past two years. Where the documents are not in English, a notarized translation in English must be provided.
  3. A copy of the child’s passport.
  4. Resident permit (when available).
  5. Birth certificate.
  6. Childhood immunization records.
  7. A copy of the parents’ passports.
  8. A copy of any assessments relating to Additional Educational Support Needs (e.g. Educational Psychologist reports, Speech and Language Therapy), if applicable.
  9. A letter of employment from the child’s Sponsors workplace.

59- Why are the school doors not automatic?

As it could be a health and safety hazard in a fire evacuation procedure. We are reviewing the option with Civil Defense and the consultant at the moment.

60- Do we accept external students to take IGCSE examinations?