The PSI Library is located at the very centre of the school, which is accessible to all students, teachers, and parents. PSI library contains the resources that the primary and secondary students need for their classroom-based studies as well as their independent reading.

Included in the library collections are resources for the IGCSE curriculum, a wide range of titles from Oxford reading tree and stories that are perfect for primary students as well as best-selling novels for secondary students. There is also a dedicated collection of books in Arabic for children across the school to enjoy.

PSI use Follett Destiny, the industry standard in school library management systems, in handling all its school library resources. The library is also equipped with computers for the students to use for their school-related online research as well as checking the online catalog of the library to check for books that they want to borrow from the library.

All children across the school have a dedicated library lesson each week and our librarian is always available to assist students with their reading choices. We are always adding to our book collection as we know that reading is at the heart of every successful young learner.